Thursday, 23 April 2015

Team GoNutrition Athlete

Ive been recommending GoNutrition products to my clients and gym members for a while now. I just love their combination of products and offered at an affordable price and without compromise on quality. SO today i am especially excited to announce that i am now a member of TeamGN.

Supplements are so useful when maintaining an healthy lifestyle year round and the food products offered by GN also help me to eat clean. I am vegetarian and like to use vegan and vegetarian products as well as natural products wherever possible and Go Nutrition really offer great choices for me and my clients.
My first product review is up on my other blog click here to read its my favourite protein for lots of reasons and ive been recommending it to my clients for a while now.
I have been a Personal Trainer for nearly 20 years, i am passionate about health and fitness as well as being passionate about sports and body-building. I pride my integrity and would only put my name to products / services i actually use and believe in, and have turned down and cancelled contracts in the past because i didn't feel that i could endorse the products. Ive been using GN products for over a year now, and am satisfied with the quality and service so im proud to be representing them!

I will be writing a separate blog post about sponsorships and support within the industry and how to best position yourself in this industry, but thats a whole post in itself!

So todays the start of a new relationship with a company i love and im really excited about the future with them! So I'm sharing the love! This deal gives you a free bag of protein on your first order! Everyone loves freeness! Pop back for more offers / product reviews and recipes coming soon!!!!
Follow this link for a free bag of protein on your first order. This offer can be used in conjunction with other discount codes, so check out their current deals!

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