Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Figure & Bikini Competitors: Show Day Bag Packing List!

So you have been busy prepping and the big day is almost here.... and theres so much to do, so much to remember...it can be stressful and we don't want that! so ive compiled a checklist to help you stay calm, some essential stuff and some things that from experience can make the day a bit easier!
The Bag.
A pull along cabin style bag is ideal, you don't really want your tan rubbed off by carrying shoulder bags!
  • Bikini / Figure Suit (if its a comp with themewear, props, evening gowns, etc obviously them too!)
  • Footwear
  • Tan & mit
  • Glaze / Glitter spray (depending on whats allowed)
  • Bikini Bite (for glueing your suit on)
  • Accessories (earings, bracelets and other bling!)
  • Makeup / lashes etc
  • Hair accessories/ tools/ products
  • Food / drinks / supplements you need for the day
  • Membership / Entry Details / running order / Venue and Comp Details
I did once turn up to a comp with literally just my entry fee, suit, heels tan, mit glaze and a small makeup bag as I was competing on a last minute decision and had to travel light as was away from home. I was fine, I didn't actually need anything else, but of course when the competition is high quality, presentation is really important so the little extras can make a big difference and if its a long day, it will make it a more comfortable day.
Other useful stuff
  • dressing gown and flip flops- backstage comfort and minimal tan damage caused!
  • latex disposable gloves for tanning / glazing
  • baby wipes- just useful!!!
  • paper towels in case you start to get hot and sweat a bit, dab! Also great to cover bikini if tanning backstage.
  • safety pins just in case of suit malfunction
  • towel / blanket - to chill out on or cover seats so you don't leave your tan behind and the fed a nice cleaning bill!
  • loo roll, just in case the backstage loos run out!
  • water- regardless of if you dehydrate or not, its a good idea to have some with you, useful if you are called for drug testing! 
  • ipod / mp3 to listen to posing music or just stay calm backstage
  • if you have more than one round / outfit etc, clear ziplock bags to keep everything organised can be very useful!
So hopefully that helps and you wont forget anything vital! Good Luck!


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