Saturday, 13 June 2015

First body building comp of the year! Adapt and Focus!

WOW what a couple of days.
I flew to Dubai on the overnight flight getting in Friday morning and pretty much everything that could go wrong did, despite lots of planning!! I had tanning booked Friday afternoon, so we booked an early checkin at the hotel in advance, so i would have time to get ready.. with hardly any sleep, we got off the plane, headed to the hotel and then had to wait 2 hours for our room as they forgot our early checkin, but we scored an upgrade to a huge suite, so not all bad... I got my tan sprayed on at a local gym, they used protan which is my favourite, after my tan i went straight to registration...i  then spent 6 hours at registration and drug testing (blood and urine), it was an endurance test in itself, utter chaos, queues everywhere, lots of stressed people, but bodybuilding is often chaotic, so you have to go with the flow... my pro class was cancelled :(  gutted. I love Figure Classic and it was the reason i decided to compete here... but adapt and overcome.... so I competed in amateur figure, model, fitness and bikini to enjoy my time here! Back in my room i got my comp bag packed, then and i topped  my tan up with my bikini mousse from showtimetan tan (which i then got a second spray on top coat on the day of the show, perfect!) So after a VERY late night due to the crazy day things didn't improve we got up early and headed for a taxi...5 of us jumped in together for what's a 15 min trip... normally... but our driver had different plans...thought because we were 'outoftowners' he could try and drive us for an hour round Dubai, including a petrol stop???? - we had a local with us, she didn't realise at first but when she did- firmly put him in his place and eventually he stopped and reset the meter, but it didn't help us get there any quicker, but eventually we got there! This champs was massive, the biggest event ive done to date with well over 400 competitors, most competing in multiple classes, from 40 countries! The line ups were incredible in terms of standard and number.

I have 2 key thoughts to take away ADAPTING & FOCUS,
So much went wrong this weekend, but I learned i can adapt! I could have folded, got stressed, upset and angry, but i do this for me, for fun and its not worth getting upset. Its really important to hope for the best but plan for the worst. I refused to let any of the things that went wrong affect me, i came here to enjoy the experience and things often go wrong, and i believe true champions are not made when things go right, but how you cope when things go wrong- yes its frustrating and but you have to be able to cope with the things that could stress you out!!

I learned i have an adaptable physique
I got 4th in Model, Figure and Bikini and 5th in Fitness - Placing top 5 in all my categories was awesome, but I learned a lot today. I love competing and love different aspects of the different classes available and i learned i can successfully adapt my 'athletic' physique to several classes, using different stage presence, posing styles, different flexing and outfit choices. To place in every class at a World Champs, in huge line ups of quality athletes, was an amazing feeling, as its not easy to stand out from a group of athletes - in very different categories, which brings me to my next point...

I learned that I suited a lot of categories, but i need to decide which class I really love and focus on that, in order to get up to the higher placings, There are improvements i can make to suit each category better so its back to the gym to work on improving myself. BUT I have decisions to make!I need to decide where I want to take my body next, to improve i need to focus on specific things to enhance my physique, but this depends on what class i prefer! You have to live in your body all year round so its important that you like the affect your training and diet has on your body. I want to improve, but you have to be specific, otherwise you can lose track of where you are going. So im going to have a couple of days off to enjoy the city of Dubai and then i will head home and to make some decisions and make some focused plans to work on improving myself!

Ask yourself....Is your training and diet specific to your goals? Or do you need to set some specific goals to focus your fitness journey to your goals? If you aren't focussed, you could waste a lot of time or put in effort and not get the results you actually want!

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