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Miss Galaxy Universe - my guide to the Galaxy.

This is my favourite show, I entered the very first one, at the Martial Arts Show in Birmingham in 2012. The thing that appealed to me was the chance to prove you are fit, and the focus wasn't just on how you look. I won Fitness and got second on my stage category and took 2nd in the overall. I came back in 2013 and did the Spring and Autumn shows, winning Overall Supreme both times, after this I was honoured to be asked to joining the Judges panel, but was sad that this would mean I could no longer compete.

So What is the Show
Galaxy is a physical fitness challenge followed by a Pageant style stage show, where you compete in bikini and evening wear rounds. You collect points from each round and these are added together for an overall winner to be decided.

The Galaxy Games
The actual tests do change each time so you wont find out the full line up until the day, this is so that you are encouraged to train for all round fitness, strength, speed and endurance. There are points for events & special bonus points for certain events. All your points are collated and there is a winner for the Galaxy Games- usually top 5 or top 10 are announced. Keep track of your own scores if you want them for your own records as these are not given out after. This is so girls aren't made complacent or fear the challenge based on scores and with the tests changing each time, they are irrelevant anyway.

Stage Categories
The categories are
Beach Bunny - This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to show off their beach body. We do not require a ‘hard’ body with abdominal definition. A curvy body is key. A great personality on stage is very important.
Bikini Diva’s - should not carry muscle definition, but they should have an hour-glass figure, low body fat with tight abdominals.
Fitness Model- This is the perfect class for those that hit the gym hard and enjoy a firm physique, although we don’t want to see striations, we do want to see toned abs and good definition throughout the body and low body fat. Retaining femininity.& marketability.
Miss Monroe International - has been developed to give the curvy girl an amazing place to shine on stage.
There are age categories for some categories (check website for up to date info)

The categories are based on bodytype, there is a theme for each category but you choose category by bodytype, not the theme. You compete in Bikini and Evening wear.

Overall Supreme
Points added from Stage Category and Galaxy Games to reveal overall winner.

Optional Extra Categories
Yummy Mummy- 1or more children and over 29 yrs. (bikini round only)
Newcomers- for anyone who has not competed on stage before.
ShowGirl- This is a class with very limited spaces, for anyone with a talent to show off, this can be anything from pole, gymnastics, dance, singing, musical, roller-skating - if you have a talent to show off this is the category for you! 90seconds to wow the audience!

These are extra categories that will have a winner but are separate to the main comp, so points not included in Supreme.

Extra Awards
There are a number of extra awards which in the past have included, best dress, best bum, most inspirational, best transformation, amazing achiever, outstanding performance, they change each time but are very special to receive. Golden Rivet the military charity chooses one girl per year to shoot their own pin up style charity calendar and there have been other category sponsors offering fantastic opportunities like Katya Wildman sponsoring the winner of Miss Monroe!

Step by Step Guide
Opens July
You apply via the website, you need to have written 2 short bios with some fun / interesting info about yourself, to be read out while you are on stage. (also a third one about your children if doing yummy mummy)
Decide what category you think you are (his can be altered if needed)
Boot Camp
new girls will need to book a bootcamp, these are designed to teach you everything you need to know, its a chance to meet the organisers, learn about training, do lots of posing and walking practice and ask questions as well as meet other competitors. This will help calm the nerves! Boot camps are held in London and in the north.

Entry Fee £75-115 approx. depending on how many classes you enter
Boot camp (can do more than one but newcomers must do 1) £50 approx
Fitness Uniform (everyone wears a uniform ordered from Harlequin) Superhero theme! £50-£75  (outfits are usually used for 2 shows so if you enter the following one, you can use the same outfit again)
Bikini (see theme for ideas, props accessories are great but its not carnival type themewear)
Evening wear (full length, no black, no patterns)
Shoes (clear heels)
I have never paid more than £30 for a dress and £10 for alterations, but some girls spend £100's on their dream dress, tailor made or designer, its your choice what you do here. Shoes-  bargains can be found on ebay or you can buy new, again your choice, bikinis, you can buy a bargain basic bikini and bling it up yourself or a good tailor can add crystals, connectors, the elastic scrunch in the bottoms or other decoration, or treat yourself to a custom made design, its really your choice how much you spend!
Tan (official service - competition tan offered at hotel) allow £50-£65 ish - prices not announced yet
Hair / Make up services (you can do your own but there are MUA's & stylists available at an extra cost if you prefer) Not sure but allow £70-80 ish (it will be a package, process not announced yet
Travel & accommodation- book early- rooms are usually really good value, especially if share! from about £30 a room per night if get in quick!
Accessories / coaching etc etc- that's up to you!
Photo package- optional service, but the pics are stunning. Games only,  Stage only or both approx. £35 - 100 depending on what you book.
These are estimations based on previous shows but may change!!!! So please don't quote me on them- they could be more or less!!

Im not trying to put you off with costs but its important to budget so you know whats involved. If you have competed before you might have shoes and bikini that's suitable already or if you have a prom dress / bridesmaids / evening gown already you might have some of these things already! There are loads of ways to keep costs reasonable, if you are creative you can tailor / accessorise your own bikini / eveningwear. There are groups on facebook where you can buy used bikinis, dresses and shoes, ebay is full of bargains so you can spend as much or as little as you want here! Tanning- its best to use the official service, a normal salon tan just wont cut it! Under harsh stage lighting you wont be dark enough without a proper competition tan and unless you are really skilled in applying your own, why risk messing it up! That's stressful!

Friday-Registration for all competitors,  Galaxy Games at K2, tanning at host hotel

Saturday- AM rehearsals with choreographer for show opening & parade of gowns. pm Show begins. The show opening involves everyone, its great to shake off the immediate nerves and raises the excitement! After opening, the curtain groups, the stage is cleared and the first category gets ready to hit the stage. You will enter stage in your category groups, you will be called forward to perform a T Walk (you will learn this at bootcamp) You all then walk to the front together and file off. You then get ready for your next category if doing an optional extra or get ready for evening wear. ShowGirl is usually on between bikini and evening wear round) There will be a parade of gowns to open the second half of the show, and then you all return to the stage in your categories for the evening wear judging, this is followed by a interval and then all awards are presented at the end of the evening.

Everyone stays at the host hotel, book early to get really good rates, a lot of girls share rooms to keep costs down. Registration on Friday is done here and tanning so it makes life easy! Everyone usually gathers at the hotel bar after the show to celebrate with their friends and families and the organisers and fellow competitors.

You can enter just the stage or just the Galaxy Games if for any reason you cant do or don't fancy the whole event. Games only girls you will need to have a ticket for the show and a dress for awards(doesn't have to be long- just not black or patterned) Stage only girls will still need to register on Friday. The Galaxy Games is free to watch, the show is a ticket event. This might sound complicated, but you are taken through it all step by step, from a competitors guide you will receive after entry, to bootcamp, rehearsals, and there are helpers at the track and backstage to keep you calm and help you if you have any problems!
Watch the last show here

More than a show
Galaxy organisation is more than just a competition. They have events throughout the year that you can get involved with. The close links with the military mean at least once a year, we can go on a military style bootcamp weekend of fitness hell... they are awesome. There usually a Christmas party and other get-togethers like bodypower in between the shows which usually fall around June and November

Join the Network
The competition has its own community on facebook, a secret group where its safe to ask questions, advice, offload, etc, its where you will get all the up to date info on the competition, so if you want to be involved, contact me and I will introduce you to the group. Its an amazing group, an organisation run by women, for women, (with them help of a few key men) its a supportive group who you compete with, not against. Message me here for info on joining the Galaxy Group.

Find the website here for up to date news, dates, category details etc
Check out the Facebook Page here 
Contact me for coaching services here

Galaxy is special, its unique, ive seen lives changed by taking part in the journey. Theres something very uplifting about being a part of a group of supportive women. The confidence you take from setting the goal, following through and stepping on stage, the sense of achievement from nailing those challenges, those feelings can translate to all areas of your life! Find your real you!

Fall 2015
Beach Bunny - 'Sirens of the Sea'
Diva - 'Bond Girl'
Fitness Model - 'Goddess'...
Monroe International - 'Hollywood'

BB think silver, blue, green, crystals and pearls, think alluring, wet look, think mermaid
Diva think steamy, sultry, sexy, think Ursula Andress, smooth and slick
Diva Eveningwear theme - 'White Gold'
FM think golden, curls, femininity, hot, smokey, sizzling, think mind blowing
Monroe the world is your oyster. Think Hollywood glamour from any era....bring it on...

Galaxy Games Uniform
The Galaxy Games
We have the WW costume for those not wanting added expense. However we will be adding a new DC Comic character outfit!
Wonder Woman's nemesis 'Poison Ivy'

Previous show videos Spring 2013 and Fall 2013

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