Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hubbard Athletic YouTube New Exercise Playlist

There are many reasons why you might need alternatives to your regular exercises.
Do you train in a gym with limited kit?
Or travel a lot?
Or just got stuck in a routine of doing the same exercises all the time?
Its easy to hit a plateau when training, especially if kit available is limited, of course there's lots of ways to switch up your training, changing reps, weights etc but it can also get a bit boring using the same exercises all the time. I travel a lot and cant always stick to my usual programme when using hotel gyms, or just different gyms, that might not have the equipment or space that I usually have, so i've started to put together some of my favourite alternative exercises that I use when I'm travelling or when I just fancy a change.

I will also show you how investing in a few relatively inexpensive gadgets can really help you get more out of your sessions!

Ive just added a new exercise to my Alternative Exercises playlist on my YouTube channel  YouTube - Hubbard Athletic where I will be regularly adding new videos of exercises to try- Check it out and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss my next video!

My first two videos focus on glute training. A cable alternative to barbell hip thrusts and kettle bell swings and the second, a machine alternative to hip thrusts.

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