Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Why do you, or dont you compete? Is it right for you?

I came across these two articles below which I just had to share.
The current craze of competing on stage in bodybuilding / fitness and pageant shows has exploded over the last couple of years and now it seems like if you lift weights you have to compete... but is it right for everyone? Have a read through both these articles... do you relate to any of it?
If you love training, competitions can be a great goal to aim for, they can be a great way of meeting other women who love training, it can be social as well as mentally and physically rewarding but it can also bring out or even cause many other issues with food, disordered eating, issues with self worth, confidence issues and body dismophia, so if you love training and are thinking about competing, really think about why you are looking at competing and whether its the right thing for you? There are many other goals you can set if you decide the stage isn't for you, as there are many physical challenges, Galaxy Games, Crossfit, Gymsport, strong woman, obstacle races, road running, and any sport you enjoy!

redefining the female bodybuilder

and for those who love training and are in great shape but don't compete heres a great article looking at answers to that that very question Do you compete? No? Why?

and another great article with some things that are worth keeping in the back of your mind when navigating your way around the fitness world, both real life and in cyberspace is this one steroid users on soapboxes which talks quite frankly about the athletes and coaches who are misleading the masses... I'm not steroid bashing, but its important to be aware that not all that you see is real and not everything is all that it seams. I just like to draw attention to it as it can be really quite damaging if you are not aware of what some people are doing, you may question why your own results are not as dramatic or your progression slower and that can be very demoralising if you are not aware.

So enjoy these 3 great reads and feel free to comment!

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