Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Whats in Your Gym Bag?

Everyone has their essentials for a workout- heres mine!

Some say its a bit girly to use gloves- but I do hate those calluses on my hands!

My grip often fails before my lift, so these are essential for my training, mostly use on deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, bent over barbell rows.

Liquid Chalk
This is all about grip- I train in Spain most of the year and its always hot, the gyms here generally don't do air con so it can be very sweaty! Liquid chalk keeps my palms dry and grip stronger!

Ankle attachment
This is really handy and not all gyms have this handy attachment so I take my own!- I use it for glue / inner thigh and ab work, also great when travelling as if the gym doesn't have space or equipment fro my usual glute work, this is so easy to take with me as long as there's a cable column I'm all set!

Training Diary
Call me old fashioned but I don't use ant online app  can store my workouts on my phone- I prefer pen and paper- I plan my sessions in advance and record what I lift so next time I know where I'm at. I also not if I could have gone heavier / how I'm feeling / anything else that could have affected my training.

I love my circular band- I mostly use it for pull up training but it has so many uses, its also handy when travelling and may not have a gym with the kit I need and I can use this to add to my sessions.

Lifting Belt
Not used that much- mostly for attaching to my sled for running drills, but if I'm attempting a new weight or a heavy lift I will wear it for the odd set. I don't like to rely on it though!

Drink Bottles / Shakers
Hydration is key! So my water bottles / shaker are there for intra workout / post workout shakes

Depending on what training I'm doing and phase of training, if I need any other supplements they are in my bag!

Tennis ball
This is for loosening my glutes which have a tendency to tighten, if the gym doesn't have a foam roller, this will do the trick.

Gym Towel
Basically for gym etiquette & hygiene I like to take my own gym towel!

Anti Bacterial
I always have my anti bacterial gel in my bag for after training- in a busy gym, especially a hot sweaty one, germs can travel fast- most good gyms do wipe equipment down daily but if hundreds of people are coming through the gym- the kit wont be clean all day! I don't have time to be ill so I keep this handy

You might be surprised to not find an mp3 or headphones on my gym essentials... I don't listen to music when I workout, I want to focus on what I'm doing and not be distracted by my favourite tunes.

So what are your gym essentials? Am I missing out on something you find essential?

Many of the items I use can be found at GoNutrition check out their accessories page!

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