Monday, 18 July 2016

Leg Progress Pics

Heres my leg progress pic... can you guess how long it took?

With the growth of the Bodybuilding / Fitness Model Competition Scene and the simultaneous growth of the Instagram Famous Athletes- its very easy to follow Fitness and Sporting Icons - we have access to other athletes and coaches lives more than ever before. BUT a lot of what you see isn't real and we need to be aware of this other wise it would be easy to get demoralised!. The Insta- famer only allows you to see what they want you to see- with edited/ filtered pics- often pics of only their best body parts. Coaches do this to get more clients, athletes do this- to get more followers.

So back to my question... how long was this transformation? about 5 seconds. The first pic is untensed and in the second I'm flexing.

I posted this to make 5 points!
1- If I posted up that this was a 6 week transformation, would you have trusted it because why would I lie? There are some very misleading posts on the internet!

2- Be very aware when looking at someone's pics- are they relaxed or posing hard- it makes a massive difference! Try it on yourself! Try not to have goals to look unflexed- how people look when flexing hard!

3-This pic emphasises just how important posing is when competing- can you imagine if I went on stage and didn't flex... the judges just wouldn't see the separation I have!

4- Some people question how I can do bikini and figure- in the same competition... surely that shouldn't be possible??? Well in natural shows it totally is!! It is all down to how hard you flex on stage- you can show different looks in your style of posing and stage presence!

5- I've often got comments about my competition look - when I post a stage pic- some will comment that its un feminine - manly, overly muscular- a bit too much.. but natural muscle doesn't look hard all the time- when you relax, the muscle relaxes, and I don't walk around posing all the time- so I don't look like I do on stage all the time- even when I'm close to comp. I'm currently 6 weeks from the stage- but walking around day to day... who would know? So if you are afraid of lifting weights or competing because you are worried about walking around looking like arnie... if you are natural- that's unlikely to happen :D

So enjoy your fitness journey and just be aware that what is on the internet isn't always what it seems!

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