In 2014 I Became Natural World & Olympia Champion & earned my Pro Card, coming 2nd in my first pro comp, This was my 5th year of competing. In 2009 I retired from Bobsleigh, needing a new goal to train for, so in 2010 I decided to give bodybuilding a go. It took a lot of convincing for me to try the sport as I wasn't sure how I felt about being judged for what I look like rather than competing for sports performance But one show & I was hooked! I love having goals to aim for with my training & show day is so much fun!

With so many federations and so many different categories, and each federation having different requirements, it can seem very confusing! Some comps you need figure suits, bikinis, theme wear, sports kit, T-walks, routines, quarter turns, compulrsary poses, tested and non drug tested comps..... there is so much to consider, then theres shoes requirements, tanning, hair & makeup, entries, memberships, travel, accommodation,...

Theres so much to do it can seam very daunting so im going to try and demystify some of it all here. Over the next few months I will be covering lots of topics, so if you don't have a coach to take you through the process, hopefully this will help!

I have just come to the end of my 5th season competing and this last year I also prepped 4 girls into their first competitions, and instructed lots of  competitors on posing in group classes and one to one.

Videos. Top 3 competitors at 2014 WNBA Natural Bodybuilding World Champs. & My Figure Routine from Pure Elite Competition

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel Hubbard Athletic as I will be posting videos on training, prep, posing, nutrition, behind the scenes at competitions etc

Competition History
2nd PNBA (pro) Natural Olympia 
1st Figure (Junior Masters) INBA Natural Olympia
1st Figure Classic
1st Sport Model
1st WNBA World Championships, Figure
1st PURE ELITE Open Figure
4th INBA World Champs, Sports Model Open Class
4th UKDFBA British Champs, FitBody Category
2nd NPA British Champs Trained Figure
1st NPA South West, Trained Figure
NAC Worlds, Universe, Grand Prix dnp
1st NAC Grand Prix & womens overall title Bikini
1st NAC UK champs & womens overall Figure
2nd NAC British Champs Bikini

1st Miss Galaxy Universe Fall Classic (Supreme Champion)
1st NPA Britain, Trained figure
1st NPA South West, Trained Figure
1st WABBA UK Champs, Toned Figure
1st Miss Galaxy Universe Spring Show (Supreme Champion)
3rd BNBF Britain, Trained Figure
4th FitFactor, Fitness Model, Bodypower
NABBA Britain dnp
1st NABBA West, Toned figure

2nd DFAC World Champs, Trained Figure
1st BNBF Britain, Trained Figure
1st BNBF Wales, Trained Figure
1st Bournemouth Bodybuilding Show, Figure
WABBA World dnp
1st WABBA Hercules, Toned Figure
1st NPA South West, Trained Figure
2nd in Overall Miss Galaxy Universe (1st Fitness Challenge, 2nd Fitness Model)
NABBA Britain dnp
NABBA Midlands qualified for British Final (no placing as competed out of area)

UKBFF British Final dnp

2nd UKBFF Hercules (qualified for 2011 British Final)
UKBFF British Final dnp
2nd UKBFF Bodypower Bodyfitness
2nd NABBA West Trained Figure

If theres a topic you would like me to write about, or a question you have, please comment and I will see what I can do!

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