Intolerance & Nutrition Testing

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about my experience with Nutrition and Intolerance Testing!
After months of problems and a diagnosis of IBS from my doctor, which im not happy with (it just seems like a diagnosis they give anyone when they really done have a clue), I decided to get some tests done to give me some information to help me work out what's causing my symptoms (including bloating, stomach cramps, constant switching from constipation to diarrhoea, general stomach ache all the time) I eat healthy and plenty of it so my symptoms are confusing and frustrating, feeling under the weather and tired all the time! But I feel like i'm more in control now and can start to find some answers!

So What did I have tested?
I had my nutrient profile (vitamins and minerals) tests and intolerances (food and non food). I had to post a hair sample (only a few strands) and both of us have dyed hair but that doesn't affect the results, but my hubby has very short hair do he used chest hair instead. It took a week to get the reports which list all the items with an intolerance level of over 85% and a list of the nutrients we are highly deficient in.

Heres the Test Info from The Lab
The Tests Offered
We have developed three of the most comprehensive, non-invasive tests available in the world. Using the latest bio-technology, our safe and speedy procedure uses a sample of your hair which we test to get accurate results for you. We only need one sample of your hair and using our extensive systems, we will email the results to you within just 7 days. Your test results will include all items which have shown an intolerance of 85% and over. After performing thousands of tests, we have found 85% to be the point at which symptoms begin to develop from an intolerance. “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” ― Ann Wigmore, Holistic Health Practitioner We currently have three types of tests that could each benefit you in a different way: Intolerance Testing Intolerance Test | We test your hair sample against 600 different food and non-food items to see what could be causing you issues. Intolerance testing Nutrition Test | Here we reverse the test to see what you are lacking out of a list of 80 nutrients. Our innovative one-step test enables us to produce a comprehensive report, divided into five areas: 1: An introduction to your results explaining exactly what you need to do 2: The items that appear on your results 3: Where the items are found (i.e. where a particular tree originates, or what product a chemical is in) 4: The nutrients your body is lacking (optional) 5: Guidance on how your individual results can be reduced or aided.

So what to do once you have the results?

The Nutrition Tests come with a guide, so you can look up the nutrients you are low on and it will explain why the nutrient is important and what foods contain this nutrient so you can get your levels back up.

Once you have a list of the foods that might be causing an issue, the next step is to eliminate and reintroduce these foods so you can rule out the ones that don't cause a problem and find the ones that do cause your symptoms. (more info later) Obviously if you follow this and symptoms have not improved or you find that foods are not causing a problem, then you might need to check with a doctor as to whether your symptoms are caused by any underlying health condition.

Im going to tackle each test one at a time and will blog about the results as I go along! Heres the link to my Intolerance Test ongoing blog about the elimination, reintroduction and what else you can do to help heal your irritated digestive system!

Want to get tested yourself, click the paypal link on this page for a discounted rate on the combined Nutrition and Intolerance Tests! Once ordered I will email you with a Test form, which you print  off and send with your sample. I get the results back in about a week and will send it to you with some more info on how to use the results!

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